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How To Consign

Consigning is easy and rewarding, but if the concept's new to you, here's how it works...


The term consignment means items are sold on your behalf (we don't buy things up front). Revenues from any sales are split between the consignor who brought in the items (AKA you), and our store. This will hopefully cover our costs, and make the process worthwhile for both parties. It's a green initiative that helps put money back in your pocket, while ensuring more choice for parents in our community. It helps prevent over consumption and reduces the impacts of fast-fashion on our world.


All new consignors will be presented with our Consignment Terms and Conditions, during your first scheduled appointment or walk-in visit.

Upon accepting our terms (designed to protect our mutual interests) we'll take a few contact details from you, and you'll get your consignment number - making you an official Consignor with Play It Again Kids.


Soon you'll be well on your way to consignor rock star status!

How to consign with us:  a step-by-step guide
Play It Again Kids Consignment Process Diagram

Step 1: If you have 5 or more items please use our online scheduler to book an appointment at a time that works for you. No appointment needed if consigning less than 5 items.

Step 2: Carefully select the items you wish to consign, ensuring they are in consignable condition. 

Step 3: Bring in your neatly presented items at your appointment time (if applicable). A member of our staff will vet and label your items with your consignor number.

Step 4: You earn money or credits for any of your items sold within the 3 month consignment period.

If unsold, clothing generally expires after 3 months, and then gets donated - with exceptions for higher value items, that would likely be retried. 

Step 5: To complete the recycle process, the vast majority of our consignors use their cash or credit to keep their children in clothing, toys, books or equipment throughout their childhood years.


Our store's excellent prices ensure customers get the best possible value so your cash or credits go a long way.

What else makes consignment so darn cool?

Our consignors are a very valuable asset to Play it Again Kids, providing customers with excellent quality, and in-demand items in exchange for store-credit or cash (via cheque payments).​ While some items are locally sourced gems, much just can't be found in any Kootenay stores. 

Consignment is an eco-friendly way for others to re-use perfectly good items your children may have outgrown or, in the case of maternity wear or equipment, something you may never use again. 


While giving items away to charities or a friend are very commendable, sadly many items passed on in this way sometimes never get worn, due to differing tastes, seasonality and fit. Unfortunately simply donating items may be easier, it rarely directly benefits your own children, and because kids are constantly growing, it's good to have an alternative way to still help other families in our community, while simultaneously off-setting the cost of raising your own. 


Items purchased through our store are specifically chosen by people who realize the value of your items. Our staff take time to present them in their best light, and revitalize the clothes and footwear we bring in. This means they are more likely to be re-discovered, re-loved, valued and fully appreciated - vs. going directly to a landfill or recycled into rags (at least in the short term).



More questions? We can help...

Our Consignor FAQ page will tell you all you need to know about payout rates, consignor policies, intake rules and more..

Did you know?

Your Play It Again Kids credit can be used to buy anything we sell in our store - even brand new items we bring in (like raingear, winter outerwear, toys, gift items and gift certificates).


If they choose to, consignors can even opt to donate their credit to families in need, or a charitity that matters to them.

We make payouts on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays.


Cheque payouts are up to a max of $100 every month. Unlike many other consignment stores, we honour payouts and credits at equal value!

You can check the status of your items and account 24/7 anywhere in the world that has internet access.


To check your balance click on the 'my account' button at the top of our web page.

Being thorough in selecting and cleaning items helps you make more cash/credits, and will help ensure your items will be chosen and sell.


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