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Little Miss Co. Bows and Clips

Lovingly made by Castlegar based Little Bow Co. these adorable hair accessories mix up fresh and fun with sprinkles of fabulous.


Mom maker Nadya Thomson, started the company soon after she found out her second babe was a girl.


"I wanted all things pretty for her and have always used my creativity as an outlet...We strive to create cute and elegant hair accessories for girls of all ages and help our young men look dapper with our newly created bow ties."

Nadya enjoys a loyal following; "Your support means the world to me, and I’m so grateful that I can spend most of my days working from home creating carefully handcrafted bows for your babes."


We have a constantly evolving selection, with a mix of headband and clips in an array of sizes and styles.

Reasonably priced at just $6 to $8 each depending on design. 

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Beth Joy Studios - Alphabet Posters & Prints

There's something intrinsically timeless about Beth's artwork. Whether for the nursery, a classroom or as wall art for any room of any home, these art paper prints portray the alphabet using original examples that will expand your child's mind. No apple, book, cat staples here!

A local mom and long term customer and consigner at Play It Again Kids, artist Beth Austin is a graduate of the Graphic Design program at Vancouver Island University, she loves to surround herself by the nature that inspires her.


Created with watercolours, pencils and pens, the 3 poster designs are comprised of individual illustrations, each one carefully thought out, painted separately and then compiled into unique compositions. The posters are printed on linen stock art paper and mounted to cedar wood strips. Each is gift / mail-ready with protective card poster tube included.  Only $20 each if purchased at Play It Again Kids.

Coves Creations - Hand Crafted Felted Wool Mobiles

Martine "Cove" Camryn draws her artistic inspiration from the beautiful nature she has right at her doorstep, namely the local beaches and forest trails of Kaslo.  

She lives in Kaslo with her partner, Peter, and their 2 young boys, Dominik & Otter; and spends many hours a day foraging on the trails and beaches of Kaslo while picking up sticks to throw to the other love of her life, an Australian Kelpie, named Kelpie.  

Before her new life in the Kootenays, Martine had never done any kind of crafting or artwork before. According to Martine, "Moving to the Kootenays catalyzed her creative process and artistic eye to awaken!"  Prices range from $19 to $85 for each truly unique piece.


Colibri Snack Bags

Harkening back to the dark ages of 2008 - before the Zero-waste movement was really a thing - “The Sling Sisters” Sandra O’Malley and Lori Hawkins (who are actually sisters) started sewing baby slings that were prized by their community. They had babies, their friends had babies, so it made sense. Their guiding principle was simply to produce products that were safe, convenient for young families and that didn’t fall apart after a year of use. When their kids grew older their products evolved too. Baby slings were off the roster and reusable snack bags were added. But these aren’t your average snack bag.


They chose specialized zippers that have been tested and certified to be safe and easy for little and big fingers alike. They handpick quality fabric in fashionable prints and stitched them together so precisely that every bag will last years of use and washing. And these bags are tested and certified ensuring they meet both FDA and Health Canada standards for food safety. Did we mention they last for years?

In 2014 the Sling Sisters Inc. was re-branded as Colibri Canada. Their determined focus on quality had also made them a forerunner in the Zero-waste movement. Through happy circumstances and a commitment to manufacturing the best product they can, Colibri has been helping to define the landscape of reusable, household products ever since.

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Felted Gnomes and Fairies

Created for us by Sabrina Edwards, a talented mom-maker from Kaslo, these Waldorf inspired maple doll figures are wrapped in wool felt. Some are hand-painted using natural child-friendly dyes, and others meticulously finished with intricately stiched details.


Prices start at $5 for the simpler rainbow coloured gnomes (less if bought in groups of 3 or more), ranging up to $15 each for more elaborate wizards, fairies, flowers and toadstools.

Ann Coen - Drawstring Diaper Bags and Storage Caddys

Handmade here in Nelson, by former Architect Ann Coen, these beautiful yet practical on-the-go solutions are especially for moms who want to pack lighter than most diaper bags allow.

Attach a stroller clip to the storage caddy for a portable tote that functions as wonderfully as it looks.

Local artisan Ann "Loves fabric and creating useful items ...especially for my grandkids....When I am not sewing I am playing the ukulele with friends, walking, painting and but mostly playing with grandkids."

Over the years Ann has made hundreds of beautiful items for Play It Again Kids including Aprons, Hats, Buntings, Diaper Caddies and Storage Crates.

Gift Certificates

Can't decide what they'd like? Give the gift of choice.


From $5 to a hundred or more, opting for a Play It Again Kids Gift Certificate can be the best way to ensure your loved ones get the best bang for their buck when shopping for their baby, child or matenity wear needs.

If they don't already know our store, a gift certificate can be a great introduction that will help them on the path to environmentally friendly shopping and potentially consignment - supporting theirs and other local families every step of the way!

Remember we have items for children aged newborn right through to size 14/16 so it's a gift that could last right through their childhood years.

They can be purchased in store or via credit card over the phone.

Contact us today to learn more.

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