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Adorable locally made creations ...only available in Nelson at Play It Again Kids
Diaper Purse Change Pads

Made by a local Nelson artisan, these unique handmade clutch purses are a visual delight. A practical yet glam gift they're set to be the must-have accessory for fashion-forward baby moms.


Ample storage pockets have been designed to easily stash away diapers, baby-wipes and baby-balms.


And you'll be delighted to know it's even totally safe for washer and dryer!


When folded the purse measures 11 x 7".
The diaper change area is 26" x 13".
Each of the 2 pouches measure 9" x 7".

Each diaper purse is wrapped in 100% high quality pre-washed cotton fabrics imported from Europe. The middle layer is warm batting, making it softer and more comfortable for baby, while the bottom change pad layer is a waterproof ripstop nylon material for easy clean-up. 


Our price $38 to $44




Quilted Baby Blankets

Finally the perfect stroller blanket. Equally great as a playmat, throw blanket or crib quilt, these super-soft one-of-a-kind quilts dish out generous helpings of comfort and chic.

May be washed and dried on gentle cycle. 


Fresh from the studio of Nelson artisan Ann Coen, each design differs, but all are made from high-quality fabrics. The cottons used have been carefully handpicked and flown in from Europe to offer tasteful, fresh designs you just won't find elsewhere.


The patchwork top is made from pre-washed 100% high quality cotton in modern prints, while the middle layer is pre-washed 100% flannel. Bottom comfort layer fabric varies by design.


The technical quality and marriage of colours and patterns Ann uses in her work, will have you amazed at how reasonablly priced these are. These are not mass produced but created locally with artistry and love.


Sizes and backing fabrics vary. See in store for details.


Our price $90






Felted Headbands

OK, she probably looks cute enough without any help, but can you image how these would look on your special little girl? 


These locally made, handmade headbands come in several forms, all using layered felt, and lovingly crafted into ethereal floral rosette creations. 


From the home studio of Nelson based artist, Lindsay Dew.


Accents vary, like this pretty-in-pink one shown here, where hand-cut felt is dressed up with a touch of diamonte button bling and tulle; or choose from more minimalist options for zen-like appeal. Available in cream or cerise.


This a fabulous baby-shower buy, or "just 'cause" treat...


Elastic band works for most infants from newborn to young toddler stage. Just too darn cute!


In store only, price:


$10 for single florets

$14 for multi floret coronets


One-of-a-Kind Toddler Knapsacks


Handmade using top quality cotton, these wonderfully whimsical knapsacks would made the perfect accessory for the pint-sized person in your life.


Crafted right here in Nelson BC, these cute little backpacks are fully adjustable to fit most preschoolers and the kindgarten set. 


Not just cute but they're practical too! They can be machine washed, and they're super light-weight, with ample storage and sizable side pockets to fit most child sized waterbottles.


Just $45 - exclusive to Play It Again Kids.




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