Consignor Account Access

Want to know your account status?
Temporary Restrictions Viewing Your Account Online

Owing to some recent systems changes, consignors will currently not be able to view the status of their account online. This is a temporary situation, which will be fixed in a few months from now.

In late September 2021, we migrated our store's point-of-sale and inventory management software to a different platform.


Please NOTE: The MyResaleWeb portal we were subscribed to still appears, but the information you see reflected on there could well be outdated, especially if there has been more recent activity on your account (e.g. sales and status of your items, in-store purchases or payouts). 


Consignors can rest assured that no information has been lost in the conversion to our new software. All active accounts, products and balances have been transferred across from our old system to the new one.


A true current status update is only available from our store staff right now.


It's Getting Better All The Time...

The good news is that we're moving forward after being in many ways limited by an outdated system.


Ultimately our recent changes will allow us access to better in-store efficiencies and will enable a much better e-commerce presence using Shopify (a Canadian company). 

To check the status of your account, or if you have any questions feel free to contact us.