Early Spring Consignment - What We're Taking...


Walk - Ins

With the shift into the New Year, we are now taking regular seasonal walk-ins, still limited to a max of 5 items per visit. The focus will be on items appropriate for early Spring. Snow appropriate gear will still be accepted this month, but ONLY if in excellent condition, and performance/ higher quality. We’ll continue to take toys and books but again only if in excellent condition. For footwear we’re taking snow boots and indoor shoes, plus wool slippers and shell covered booties for infants.


Actual appointments (for up to 30 items) are now booking for February 1st onwards. As of February 1st we will begin with early Spring intake. 

This generally means lighter, brighter colours for any sweaters or hoodies, and nothing too warm or thick. Anything we take should be good for potentially a 3 month period, so good until Easter.


Raingear, and rainboots plus general outdoor shoes and runners will be needed. Always in high demand are quality toys and games, and books. Baby gifts are always needed, and items that would work well for children’s birthdays. We are largely through our backlog of clothing, but we have still have enough baby equipment and diapers etc. for now so are not actively looking for these.

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