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Tips to Becoming A Consignment Ninja!

Get the best return from your items by putting in a little time before bringing them in. Not only will this help ensure your items are selected for consignment, but it will also give them a better chance of selling for top dollar.


Many of our top consignors have made several hundred dollars with us, and you could too. Remember the more cash you make from consigning - the more clothing and other essentials you can score for your kids as they grow.


Become a Consignment Ninja by following these common sense tips:

Be selective about what you bring

Spend time to choose your best items before you come in. We only allow a maximum of 30 items per week from a consignor, so do pick the ones you feel will make the grade and have most widespread appeal.

Clean and polish shoes

Clean shoes with a scrubbing brush (soles and uppers) and use polish and brush to give them that brand new look. New laces can also make a huge difference if required. Deodourize and air-out stinky shoes if needed!

Buy and consign quality 

Buying cheaper clothing can be a false economy, for if the quality isn't there, the items won't last. With poorly made clothes, colours fade faster, materials bobble and wear more readily. Your child will get maximum use from better quality clothes (bought new or gently used). These also sell well, so can command better income for you when consigned. 

Ensure clothing is clean & wrinkle free

Children love to get messy, but that can be bad news for clothes, so please wash out any paint, mud or snacks before consigning! Everything looks younger with fewer wrinkles, even your clothes. If possible bring items ironed and neatly folded.  Items brought to us in garbage bags quickly get wrinkled and don’t present as well. 

Think...would I buy this?

Whatever you're bringing in for consignment, whether clothes, books, toys or equipment, always ask the question, 'is this something I'd pay good money for in this condition?'


If the answer is no, think 'why not? Is there something that could be done to make it sell better?...e.g. including instructions, original packaging, cleaning or repairing missing or loose buttons etc. If the answer is still no, then it's likely not worthy of consignment.


Equipment and toys must work!

For toys and equipment, items that are 5 years old or less are most likely to be accepted and sell. The exception is for cool vintage items with classic appeal - e.g. wooden toys, or collectables which may even sell with the odd scratch or too, if part of the charm! If items need batteries or power supplies to work, please include them, and ensure any games or puzzles have all the pieces they originally came with. 


Items must be safe & free from recalls.

Health Canada issue product recalls for any items that are deemed unsafe for sale or resale. If you sell items that are on recall, you and our store could be liable. It is therefore important that you check items that you bring in to ensure they have not been recalled. For more information visit this page.




Know what we take in

Perhaps you have some items at home that you never even thought Play It Again Kids would be interested in? Make sure you check out our What We Sell pages for more info, so you're not missing out on a great opportunity to gain some extra space and cash!


It's important to bring in clothing and footwear that is for the current, or soon to arrive, season. Our Facebook page updates and website will also give up to the minute info on what's in high demand right now. 

Give your items a 360 degree check

It's so easy to miss things with your items. Before bringing in clothes we recommend you turn item around so you've checked the front, back and sides, looking for any rips, stains fading or damage. Fastening up zippers, snaps and buttons will help determine if these are all in good shape. Flick through books to ensure all the pages are doodle and tear free, and rotate equipment and toys to ensure any grime has been cleaned off. 



It's all in the presentation

For items like bikes and strollers, please ensure they are rust free, that all safety standards are being met, tighten any loose screws and ensure the tires are fully inflated. Strollers and baby equipment should have any applicable warning labels still attached and should come with the instructions manual if possible.


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