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Two Piece or Not Two Piece?

That is the question. We weigh up the options on raingear...

When deciding on raingear for their children many parents are unsure whether to opt for an all-in-one rain-suit or jacket and pant separates.


Exactly what's best for your children can depend on what's a bigger priority i.e. budget, sizing, lifestyle and personal preference. So it's hard to recommend one overall winner.


That said, we've listed what we consider to be the main pros and cons of one vs. another, to help you decide what's best:

  • Cheaper initial investment vs. jacket and pant combination

  • Complete full body protection against rain, wind and mud. 

  • One-stop purchase 

  • One less item for kids to forget

  • Good for playing in wet snow over warm base layers

One-piece rain-suit pros
  • Less flexibility – all or nothing solution

  • May still need a separate rain jacket 

  • Trickier for diaper changes for infants, potty training toddlers & kid washroom breaks

  • Less venting - more likely to overheat

  • More difficult to remove top layer for car travel or for quick cooldown going into stores etc.

  • Less flexibility for sizing – not all kids have same proportions, so legs and torso can vary.

  • If knee is blown or outgrow the legs or arms, then whole item needs replaced


One-piece rain-suit cons
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