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Play It Again Kids is owned and operated by Korina and Andrew Rennie.


We moved to Nelson in June 2013 from the Lower Mainland. Korina was born and raised in the Kootenays, and Andrew is originally from Scotland, so Nelson presented the perfect opportunity to be closer to Korina’s family near Creston, yet still enjoy all the amenities the city has to offer.


Aside from the draw of less hectic lifestyle, the big motivation for the move was our young son Caeden, for whom the (relatively nearby) pastoral setting of West Creston is like a second home - a place where he can spend all day shadowing his grandparents, while enjoying all the freedom the countryside offers.

In addition to Caeden, we also have a wonderful daughter Jaryn - who, now in her early twenties, has fled the family nest and resides in Vancouver. Until recently, Korina pursued a career in management and finance, while Andrew has a background in marketing and design for retail and most recently for various non-profits. 

“We hope our marriage of left and right brain thinking will help us in running our own business here in Nelson. Sure…we’ve had lots of experience working for others, but never gone it alone. It feels good to be our own boss, and it’s very rewarding having a business that is so well supported and appreciated by our local community.”

Andrew Rennie




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Andrew & Korina, Store Owners at Play It Again Kids

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