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Benefits to booking online.
  • Often faster than a phone call (when we're dealing in store with customers we rely on voicemail to answer calls - which can mean a delayed response).

  • More appointment choices - you can see all available times at a glance and find a time that suits you best.

  • Book anytime, even when we're sleeping.

  • You will receive a confirmation notification and a reminder 24 hours prior to your appointment (if applicable)


  • It will free up time for store staff, allowing for more opportunity to price product and service customers in store.

  • You're in control - you can reschedule, cancel or make more appointments without needing to call.

Worth a look, before you book...

We recommend you visit here to find out what items we're taking at present.

If you're new to consignment (or if it's been a while) you may appreciate these consigning tips...

Note: we can only look at 30 of your items during an appointment so please screen for only your best items, and if you still have more, please book a 2nd appointment. 


No appointment needed if fewer than 5 items.



Using The Appointment Scheduler

You can go ahead and book without registering for an account or logging in.


Should you wish to register, you have the option of doing so while scheduling your appointment below during the Confirmation Stage (Step 3 below). Choosing to register would allow you to record, cancel or reschedule bookings and save you re-inputting some information each time you book.


All appointments booked can also be rescheduled or cancelled via the links in the confirmation email you'll receive (we recommend you check your inbox carefully, and add to safe sender list).


Note: If you have a Consignor login, this not connected to the appointment scheduler, so will not work here (o:




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