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Surviving Consignment....

We get it – having items turned down as a consignor is not easy.


It's tough hearing that items you and your kids really loved are …really too well loved! 

So here's some tricks to get you through your next consignment appointment:

Strategies for surviving consignment


Put it into historical context

The Spanish Inquisition, Salem Witch Trials, Watergate… there have been more onerous trials and judgments with far greater reaching consequences. Considering these during your appointment will add context, making consignment a breeze.


Don’t take it to heart!

We love all our consignors…in socially acceptable and healthy ways. Please believe us when we say it's not personal if we turn down items (except for that one time). We just can't take everything and we need to be discerning to stay in business and pay the bills. 


Remember we’re more than a little OCD. 

Please accept this. That’s just how it is. Furthermore shoppers seem to like it, so it will likely continue. 


Repeat this mantra ‘it’s all for the kids…it’s all for the kids…’

Let’s face it - as a parent you’ve already sacrificed a lot for your younglings. Take strength knowing that consigning will bring them greater rewards without bleeding you dry.


Come armed with some good come-backs. 

Popular retorts include…”Well, I’ll just give it away”, “I’ll sell it online’ or “I’ll just keep it then”. These will likely not sway our decision, but may help you feel better so it’s all good!


Accept the difference between donating and consigning 

We feel this one’s important. If you’re giving things away, someone’s getting them for free, so condition is less important (at least to you). Consignment means the customer and store pay for your items… so that you get something back. Funnily enough knowing this makes the process more bearable. 


View rejection as success

Let’s face it. It’s always a win when your child actually wears something you bought them. Logic dictates that if they wore it enough for it to ‘look used’, this means your choice was spot on. Pat yourself on the back, or for those of us who aren't contortionists, replace despair emoji expression with your best happy dance…result!

But seriously though...

We cannot reiterate enough how grateful we are to all our consignors, and we look forward to continuing the wonderful relationship we have with you.


It's our hope that you agree and understand what we’re trying to do here - and that you'll continue to put up with our fussiness in order to help our community and your kids! 


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