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Dear Santa...


This December we'll be offering a FREE Santa Mail service. Simply bring in your child's letter to Santa Claus, drop it in the special Santa Mail box in our store, and your child will receive a personalized response that will add to the wonder. If you can get these in before December 12th (for mail; or Dec 18th for emailed responses), it will help ensure your child gets a response prior to Santa's busiest night.


Please include the child's name, age, up to 3 wishes and anything they've done to deserve being added to the nice list! You'll need to add a 'reply to' postal address or email address (if preferred) to the envelope or back of letter for the magic to work. No stamp required.

To make this even easier, we've designed 

a letter template which your child can fill in if you'd prefer.


Just pick one up in store or download and print using the link below...

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