Note: During our move period from late May to early July, all operations are temporarily on hold, except for online sales. This may impact some of the information below, and elsewhere through our site.

Your COVID-19 Questions Answered 

Play It Again Kids has made some major changes to how we are operating during the Corona Virus crisis.


We've compiled some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to give you some answers. If you have other questions, not listed here, please get in touch.


What are your store hours during the pandemic?

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, our physical store is temporarily currently closed to the general public, until further notice. Individuals looking to shop in person, can now do so by appointment. See shopping by appointment.

That said, customers will soon be able to shop virtually, 24/7, any products we have on our upcoming online store.

Stay tuned also for periodic Facebook LIVE shopping events.

If you have a question, or are urgently in need of something, we can arrange a time for you to come in, just call 250 505 5300 or send us a message via our contact form.

What is your return policy during COVID 19?

During this time, we do ask customers to be particularly diligent when buying items, in order to keep returns to a minimum.

Once an item is returned from a customer's home, the item will be quarantined by us for a period of 14 days, in order to reduce the risk of any potential transference. This prevents access to that product to other customers who may need it, and it may impact sales potential for that item (if it is seasonal). We would also need to schedule a time with you to ensure one of us is there and no scheduled appointments are happening at that time.

We therefore ask that you measure your children’s waist, arm length and leg length prior to shopping for them. Draw an outline of their foot if shopping for shoes.

If you do need to make a return please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I need to buy something - what do I do?

Our Online Store will be available. Most of our inventory will be listed and available to buy online, with pickup or delivery options available. For more options visit here for latest updates on how to shop.

How can I stay updated with store changes?

The best way to keep in the loop is by signing up for our emails. All major announcements from us will be delivered that way. Our website is also a reliable source of up to date information.

What safety precautions are being made?

Keeping our community safe through physical distancing is one of our biggest concerns right now.

We are paying strict adherence to all government announcements, following recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada and in many cases surpassing their minimum requirements.



All items in our store will have been in isolation for a minimum of 2 weeks. If any items are returned, they will be quarantined for this minimum period.

Owners & Staff

We and our families have been following strict distancing measures while outside of work too. We wear masks and gloves when handling the product, as well as implementing regular hand-washing at least once an hour if not more. We are also now wearing masks during any in-person customer interactions.

Customer Precautions

The wearing of gloves will be required of customers during shopping visits. We will provide (non-latex) disposable gloves, and have a small selection of washable cloth gloves for anyone who cannot use these. We are reinforcing that any customers who are feeling unwell, or showing any potential signs of infection, postpone their visit.

The use by customers of a mask or scarf is also recommended, but shoppers must bring their own if they have one.

Limiting Numbers

We are only allowing one adult customer at a time in to shop (or 2 if they bring a partner they are self-isolating with). Shoppers with infants are welcome to bring them along provided they remain in a carrier or stroller (unless feeding or changing diapers). Sorry - no crawling/walking babies or children* however.

*If you are lone parenting, with limited child-care options, you can still shop, as can those with disabilities, signs of COVID 19 infection or compromised immune systems. For anyone in this situation, we offer a Virtual Shopping Appointment (a one-on-one Facetime or Messenger Video shopping experience).

Booked appointments will have a 10 min separation between shoppers.

Our counter and the front door will be wiped down at the conclusion of each shoppers allotted time, as will the bathroom, should that be used during a visit.

What happens with consignor credit?

Your consignor credit will remain intact.

It can still be used if you Shop by Appointment, or on our Facebook LIVE events. Using credit while shopping our Online Store is also in the works. Any unused credit will still be there when we re-open as normal.

Want to support others during this time of need?

You can convert your consignor credit balance into a gift card for the recipient of your choice. This can be to a family in need, a local charity. You can also opt to support our store by buying a gift certificate without using credit, or by asking to forfeit your credit. Contact us to make any of these options happen.

Are payouts an option?
Yes, you can request a payment. While we are looking to keep these as low as possible right now due to the lack of sales, we understand that some of you may be in a similar situation to us, where you have also lost your only source of income.

Therefore, if you cannot wait until full store business resumes, please contact us.

Are you accepting consignment?

Not right now. We have a lot of existing product to sell and getting these online will take time. As our efforts to sell online (and other non-traditional means) take off, we expect consignment will resume. We do not have a huge amount of summer items in reserve, so it is likely we will need some closer to that time. Special guidelines will be available with that announcement, advising how the consignment process will work during the crisis. Our newsletters are the best way to ensure you are notified.

Please save any items for that time, or for next